Measuring Guide

In the vast majority of cases we measure and fit our curtains and blinds, however we do also offer a make-up service for customers who live further afield.  Please be advised that any made-to-measure curtains or blinds made to a customer's own sizes are non-returnable so we recommend that you take time to measure your window very carefully. We suggest using a metal tape measure for accuracy. 

Below is a step by step measuring guide. Please do call us if you need help taking measurements.

Curtain Measuring Guide

The first step is to decide whether you want your curtains to hang from a track or pole, both of which should ideally be positioned 15cm above the window and extend 15-20cm either side. We strongly advise that you fit the track or pole before taking measurements.


Measuring the length of your track or pole

For a curtain pole:
The measurement should be the length of the pole excluding the finials. Don’t forget to allow for the fabric to overlap - this is an additional measurement, normally 2.5cm that allows the hanging curtains to overlap in the middle when they are closed.

For a curtain track:
The measurement should be the length of the track. If you have a corded track that overlaps in the centre, measure the full length of the tracks including the overlap.

Measuring drop and heading height:Before measuring the drop, decide whether you want your curtains to fall to the sill, below the sill or to the floor. We suggest that:

  • Sill length curtains finish 1cm above the sill
  • Curtains that fall below the sill finish 15cm below, or just above any radiator
  • Floor length curtains typically finish 1cm from the floor but if your floor is slightly uneven we recommend that the curtains rest on the floor by at least 1-2cm to help disguise this
  • Puddled curtains trail on the floor by 10-15cm and help give a luxuriant feel to your room. Ideal for bedroom curtains or dress curtains which are non-closing.

Please note: We will add extra allowances for hems and turnings once we have your overall sizes.

Measuring the curtain drop
For poles:
Measure the drop from the small metal ring (eye) at the bottom of each curtain ring (see diagram). This will prevent the pole or rings from being obscured by the curtain.

For tracks:
Measure the drop from the top of the track so that the curtain hides the track

Eyelet curtains:
Measure the drop from the very top of the pole. Advise the pole diameter so the correct eyelets are used. Please note that we will add 3-4cm allowance above the eyelets.

Roman Blind Measuring Guide

Measuring inside a window recess:
First ensure that the recess your blind is going into is not obstructed in any way so the blind can hang freely when fully extended. Make sure the recess is at least 7.5cm deep, otherwise it will not be able to accommodate the operating mechanism.

Measure the total width from A to B and the length from C to D (See diagram above). Do this in several places to allow for any slight variation or irregularity in your windows. Make a note of the narrowest of these measurements, to the nearest millimetre using a metal tape measure.

Measuring outside a window recess:
Decide how far you want the fabric to overlap the wall on all sides – we recommend this should be at least 4.5cm. Carefully measure the width from E to F (see diagram) then measure from G to H to the length you require (see diagram) adding a further 3.8cm to take account of the operating mechanism on top. Make a note of these measurements to the nearest millimetre using a metal tape measure.

Roman Blinds & Child Safety

All of our roman blinds are fitted with chain operating pulley systems for ease of use. The operating chain can be positioned on the left or right hand side, and is available in brass or chrome.

Child safety is very important to us, and in keeping with recent legislation BS EN 13120 the bottom loop of the operating chain must be 150cm from the floor and fitted with a safety cleat.

If the installation height of the blind is less than 150cm from the floor then an operating chain with a maximum loop of 20cm is used. Although the bottom loop of the chain will be closer than the allowed 150cm, the 20cm loop is deemed safe.

Alternatively, where this chain length is impractical for everyday use, a breakaway device is fitted to the bottom loop of the cord allowing the chain to extend to 60cm off the floor.The breakaway device comes apart when any weight is borne on the chain.

When measuring your blinds, please advise the drop of the blind and the drop from the top of the blind to the floor so we can advise which safety device is legally required.