Colour Consultancy

Room colour scheme with pale grey sofa, pink armchairs, mint green walls

If you're planning a room makeover but...

  • are feeling overwhelmed by all the colour choices and finishes available
  • find it hard to choose colours that harmonise with your existing furnishings
  • keep going round and round in circles with tester pots
  • are worried the decorators will turn up and you still haven’t chosen your colours!

Or you just need some reassurance as to the colour direction you are taking, we will select a palette of colours most suited to you and your home, and help you feel confident about your colour scheme decisions.

Our Colour Scheme Consultancy is scalable from choosing paint colours for your walls and woodwork, through to choosing the right colours for your window dressings, soft furnishings, flooring, furniture, and accessories. 

We will visit you in the comfort of your own home to discuss the room/s you need help with. During your consultation we will chat about your personal style, likes and dislikes and assess each room's lighting conditions. We will take colour references for any existing furniture, paintings, flooring, and accessories that need to be incorporated into your new colour scheme/s whilst taking into consideration the age and style of your home.

We have worked with the family-run Little Greene Paint Company for over 15 years and thoroughly recommend their high quality paints and finishes that give both excellent coverage and an incredible depth of colour.

As one of our clients commented:

“It’s a bit like having your colours done for what you wear, only this time it’s to flatter the space in which you live!”

We offer 3 Colour Scheme Consultancy Services:

1. Paint Colour Scheme

This comprises recommended paint colours and finishes for your walls and woodwork that will harmonise with your existing furnishings. The report includes a finishes schedule and paint can subsequently be ordered through us.

Cost: £99 per room, payable in advance.

2. Fabric Colour Scheme

This service is designed for when you have your paint scheme already sorted but don’t know where to start with fabrics for your curtains, blinds and soft furnishings. The report comprises fabric colour, texture and pattern recommendations that will harmonise with your paint scheme and any existing furniture, flooring and artworks.

We offer a full made-to-measure service for windows and can provide an estimate in follow-up to the report.

Cost: £99 per room, payable in advance.

3. Full Colour Scheme

This offers a comprehensive colour scheme comprising paint colours for your walls and woodwork, PLUS fabric selections for window dressings and soft furnishings, and colour references for flooring, furniture and accessories. 

Cost: £149 per room, payable in advance.

To arrange your colour scheme consultation,  please click here to complete a contact form.

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