Caring for Your Curtains and Blinds



To prolong the life of your made to measure curtains and blinds we recommend regular upkeep.

1. Light Vacuuming

Curtains and blinds will become dirty over time as they accumulate dust and dirt from the air as well as from floors and accidental staining. We recommend light vacuuming with a small brush attachment every week.

2. Dusting

Roller blind fabrics can safely be wiped with a dry cloth to remove dust.

3. Specialist cleaning

In the event of an accidental stain we strongly recommend the use of a specialist cleaning company who are experienced in cleaning curtains and roman blinds. We have specialist curtain and blind cleaning companies who use proprietary processes and cleaning agents that minimise damage to fabrics. Most importantly they provide a No-Shrinkage Guarantee. These services are more expensive than regular dry cleaners but prolong the life of your furnishings and most importantly don’t shrink them!

4. Washing Machines

Avoid washing your curtains in a domestic washing machine. The drum will be too small and cause the fabric to crease, wear and potentially lose colour as well as shrink.

5. Hand Washing

Whilst you can spot clean or hand wash some cushion covers, avoid bleach or detergents with optimal brighteners which can fade colours.

Don’t leave fabrics to soak as the colour can fade, and natural fibres such as wool can shrink.

Never wash velvets in water as this may cause permanent marking.

Never soak roller blinds in water.