A Guide to Made to Measure Blinds

Posted: Oct 20 2020

roman blinds in a box bay window

Why Choose Made to Measure Roman Blinds?

Roman blinds are very good for showing off large scale patterns, or for when a more architectural feel is required in a room.

They are neat and hugely practical for offices, kids' rooms and for windows where there is a radiator underneath or seating in front of it.

They can also be the most cost effective way to dress windows as you do not need as much fabric as you do for curtains. 

Made to Measure means the blinds will fit your window perfectly - ideal for non-standard sizes.

We can help you design the perfect blinds for your home, whether you are in a period property with original features or in a contemporary styled new build.  

We work closely with our clients to make the process as easy and relaxed as possible from design and measure, to make up and fitting. 

Our Approach

  • When taking your brief we discuss your personal style, your practical requirements and your budget.
  • We recommend fabric choices and the most suitable roman blind finish for your window. 
  • We then take approximate sizes ahead of providing a ballpark estimate.
  • If you are interested in going ahead, our skilled fitters will take final measurements and we will provide a formal estimate.
  • On placing your order please allow 6 weeks (subject to fabric availability) for us to make-up and fit your roman blinds. 

To discuss your project, please click here.

Roman Blind Finishes

Roman blinds are available in different finishes, and can be unlined, lined, blackout lined and interlined. They can also be trimmed with contrasting fabric borders for a tailored look, or with poms poms and trimmings for children's rooms or for a softer, more traditional feel. 

Roman blinds can be finished in two ways depending on the look required.

1. A "Stacked" finish is when the folds pull up under themselves so that the least amount of light is lost with the stack. The bottom panel will drop slightly lower than the folds to protect them from fading but the overall effect is a bit like a closed book when pulled up. This is a good finish for plain and striped fabrics or when a tailored look is required.

  stacked floral linen roman blind with buttoned pink linen armchair

2.  A "Waterfall" or "Cascade" finish is when the folds of fabric softly cascade under each other covering slightly more of the window when the blind is pulled up. This is a softer look idea for bedrooms or for more traditional room schemes.

cascade waterfall roman blind in Nina Campbell fabrics with bobble trim     

Hand-finished Roman Blinds

The majority of our made to measure roman blinds are hand-finished which means that the front fabric is discreetly stab-stitched by hand to secure it to the linings and horizonal rods.

If interlining is required for warmth, or is needed to support and protect a more delicate fabric such as silk, we offer hand-finishing only.

Velvet blinds are hand-finished to avoid bruising the fabric. 

Blinds with borders, trims, braids or pelmets to cover the sides of the headrail are hand-finished. 

close up of cascade waterfall roman blind showing contrast bottom panel and bobble trim

Machine-finished Roman Blinds

Machine-finished blinds are a less expensive option and handy for small windows in halls, kitchens and bathrooms.

With machine-finished roman blinds the lining and rods are machine-stitched to the front fabric creating horizontal rows of tiny needle holes which are visible when the blind is against the light. For this reason they are not recommended for east facing bedrooms or for sunny rooms.

We only offer machine-finishing on regular lined blinds only, and we do not offer it on delicate fabrics, checks, horizontal stripes or velvets.

Manually Operated Blinds & Child Safety

All of our roman blinds come with manually operated chain mechanism tracks as standard, with child-safe brass or silver chain side winders. For safety reasons we do not fit the more traditional cord and cleat system.

All of our blinds are supplied with safety in mind and are fitted with safety devices that comply with the British Safety Standard BS EN 13120.

make it safe logo for UK roman blind child safety

1. Rear Cord Breakaway Devices - These little round fixings on the reverse of a blind spring open to allow the cords to safely detach if undue weight is placed on the blind, or too much force is used when pulling up the blind. It is easy to pop the detached cord back through the little clip should this happen in everyday use.

2. Side Winder Chain Breakaway Devices - These are fitted when the blind is 60cm or less from the floor and are designed to split the chain in two should undue weight or force be placed on the chain. The chain can easily be clipped back into the device when this happens. 

3. Chain/Cord Tension Devices - these are fitted on larger blinds where the chain is 150cm from the floor. A small cog in the headrail keeps the chain under continuous tension but if undue force or weight is applied to the blind or chain it pops out taking the chain with it. The little cog and chain can easily be slotted back into the headrail should this occur in everyday use.

For safety we recommend that you move beds, cots and furniture away from any window fitted with a blind that has a side control mechanism, even with a safety device in place.

Please click here for more information on the child safety regulations that we adhere to when making and fitting blinds.

Wireless Motorised Roman Blinds

Motorised roman blinds are becoming increasingly popular for large blinds for windows or rooms requiring multiple blinds. 

We can supply roman blinds fitted with wireless systems from Somfy or QMotion.

Please note that we do not fit any hard wired systems but can supply blinds to be connected to such systems by a qualified electrician. 

We can fit Somfy's standard battery remote controlled system to smaller roman blinds up to w1.8m x 1.8m long. These are operated via a hand held or wall mounted lithium battery remote control. 

For larger blinds where a heavy weight system is required we offer Somfy's Premium Rechargeable System on blinds up to w3m x 3m long, and the QMotion System on blinds up to w3m x 2.4m long. Blinds using these systems can be operated individually or in multiples via proprietary smart phone or tablet apps, or through home AI systems such as Amazon Alexa - ideal for enhancing home security.

To discuss your project, please click here.


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